Laurie Pulido
Chief Executive Officer

It’s not easy to capture Laurie on paper.

Her role is impossible to wrangle into a single paragraph: it’s to personify her vision, to guide a growing team of educator/technologists, and to turn Ease Learning’s best practices into the new standard for the education industry.

She is equal parts warrior and mentor: constantly advocating for the best experience for students, while nurturing and inspiring her team to be better at building that space.

“There’s such a tremendous opportunity, not only in higher education but in workforce training for creating more active, engaging experiences.

There is a big difference between designing learning and designing media. At Ease Learning, we’re committed to improving how people learn.”

20 years in education
M.Ed. Boston College

Sarah White.png

Sarah White
Chief Operating Officer

“My job as COO is to do the most important things we haven’t done yet — then delegate to someone who will be better at it, and move on to the next big thing. My job is also to:

Build leaders - bring them in close so they “get it”, then allow them to grow and flourish into who they were meant to become.

Build teams.

Clear the way of team member’s dumb human tasks to free up mind-space for more creative ventures. (Figure out better ways of accomplishing things and get those implemented.)

Create a financially sound company and figure out ways to continue to grow in this way.

Bring out the flavor of the company and make sure the outside world gets it!

She is also the Founder and former President of Six Red Marbles.

30 years in the education space
BS Business Administration, BS Economics - University of Maine

Sarah White.png

Gina Limperis
Chief Academic Officer

With more than 20 years in education, Gina knows the value of having educators on her teams.

When we’re building a course, Gina is in constant communication with our designers. They get into the nitty gritty of outlining the process of designing world-class courses.

As an advocate of Universal Design for Learning, Gina makes sure every course we develop employs the best practices of online learning design.

A fearless and connected leader, Gina’s focused on ensuring cross-team collaboration to create engaging and inclusive learning environments.

“Our teams are more like a family,” Gina says. “We care about what we do. We’re not punching a clock.”

20 years in education
M.Ed. Boston College
Bachelor’s in History, Binghamton

Janet Shivell.png

Janet Shivell
Director of Operations

Janet is a hybrid professional with her MBA and a Master’s in Education.

Her work as an account manager, in business finance, and as an educator means she understands the math, the material, and the client — for every build. On a day-to-day basis, Janet:

  • Crunches the numbers for our SOWs, MSAs, and contracts.

  • Trains staff on newly implemented systems

  • Nurtures our project management process

  • Fosters client relationships

  • Runs projections

  • Develops pricing models

Janet’s mind is an endlessly evolving spreadsheet focused on the bottom line of every project from day one.

20 years in education and finance
M.Ed. University of New Hampshire
MBA Marketing Strategy, Regis University
B.S. Business Administration, University of Massachusetts

Emily Karjala Jacobs.png

Emily Karjala Jacobs
Director of Learning Management

Emily’s job is to build relationships, but her superpower is supporting and inspiring her teams.

On any given day Emily’s pulled in nine different directions wrangling a network of designers, clients, project managers, and SMEs to keep projects on the rails.

Emily builds on her background in education and learning design to bridge the gap between what the client wants what our team needs to make it happen.

“I’m the person who’s talking to the client to make sure we’re getting them what they need to have a successful online learning program, and doing the organization behind the scenes to ensure that we meet all expectations.”

12 years in education, 3 years in instructional design
M.S. Nutritional Sciences, University of New Hampshire
Bachelor’s in Nutrition Science and Pre-Medicine, University of New Hampshire

Cliff Biram.png

Cliff Biram
Director of HelpDesk

Cliff's background in communication, customer service, media, and technical support provides a strong basis for his role overseeing our busy Helpdesk operations.

With a keen focus on quality assurance, Cliff and his team work daily to ensure our clients receive stellar customer service.

Cliff is a tireless crusader constantly advocating for client and staff priorities. He hates ticket deflection and tiered robot responses and scripts. “I have a code: I see myself as an advocate for everybody I have a responsibility to.

I advocate for my clients. I advocate for my agents. I advocate for the users. And I advocate for my employer.”