Janet Shivell.png

Janet Shivell
Director of Operations

Janet is a hybrid professional with her MBA and a Master’s in Education.

Her work as an account manager, in business finance, and as an educator means she understands the math, the material, and the client — for every build. On a day-to-day basis, Janet:

  • Crunches the numbers for our SOWs, MSAs, and contracts.

  • Trains staff on newly implemented systems

  • Nurtures our project management process

  • Fosters client relationships

  • Runs projections

  • Develops pricing models

Janet’s mind is an endlessly evolving spreadsheet focused on the bottom line of every project from day one.

20 years in education and finance
M.Ed. University of New Hampshire
MBA Marketing Strategy, Regis University
B.S. Business Administration, University of Massachusetts