Ease Learning Partners with Industry Visionary Chris Vento

Two Experts Come Together to Launch Ease Performance to Deliver Unprecedented Ability to Assess, Measure, and Improve Learner Outcomes

Boston, MA — Ease Learning, a leading provider of learning design services has partnered with Chris Vento, founder and CEO of Innoventify to develop and launch Ease Performance, a groundbreaking new technology that provides unprecedented visibility into how students interact and learn within the LMS. The new technology enhances the learning experience while also assessing and measuring how well a learner masters and develops competencies. Ease Performance provides a new level of insight that has not historically been available through traditional learning management and analytical systems. As learning models evolve and more institutions are providing microlearning and competency-based programs, there is a greater need to provide a more granular view into learner progress, experience and outcomes. Ease Performance delivers the very level that is needed but hasn't been accomplished through existing platforms.

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What makes the new technology so unique is the combination of Ease Performance with Ease Learning Design. Historically learning design and the learner course delivery experience with analytics were viewed as two separate areas of focus, but in fact, both impact learner outcomes. Ease Learning takes the strong learning design the company is known for and makes it the backbone of the learner experience but now it augments that with Ease Performance. The combination Ease Learning's new technology and tried and true learning design supports both higher education and corporate learning. It allows students to interact with different elements of a course directly from within the learning management system, and provides a mechanism to capture learner analytics at a very granular level. Prior to Ease Performance, a student would have to leave the learning environment in order to engage with a particular piece of content or technology, the lack of a seamless experience could be disruptive to the learning process and eliminated the possibility of tracking learner analytics. With Ease Performance, actionable data is now captured and fed back into Ease Learning Design so continual improvements are built into the design process.

"We knew we had created an exciting new technology that builds off our success with our learning design, but we wanted to find the partner who had the experience, insight, and ability to take what had been developed to date and create an enterprise-level, scalable technology that can be used by higher education institutions and corporate training alike," said Laurie Pulido, CEO of Ease Learning. "One of Chris' many noteworthy accomplishments is that he developed enterprise-level, academic learning delivery and analytic platforms that have been adopted by almost every post-secondary institution. With the academic LMS, he had the vision to create a technology that 20+ years later is still having an impact on the learner and institution. I believe our partnership will deliver another education technology, Ease Performance, that coupled with our learning design capabilities will have the same lasting effect."

"What's exciting to me with this partnership is that learning design and the technology that delivers an optimal learning experience and technology can complement each other to enhance the learner experience and also drive optimal outcomes,"  

Chris Vento, CEO of Innoventify.

"Solid learning design as the backbone of and driving the technology roadmap underpinning for the online curriculum delivery can create interactive, engaging learner experiences. This sound learning design fosters the definition of more modular competency and skill based learning and achievements that are each independently measurable in terms of detailed interaction and performance. Ease Performance also enables a mechanism for Ease Learning Design to utilize the learning experience data and analytics to build continual improvements allowing the curriculum to evolve and be incrementally optimized. The result is the bar is really being raised in terms of improved analytics and better discrete and overall learner outcomes."' said Chris.

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