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leading credentialing bodies, professional associations, and training organizations are already using Ease Learning to transform their digital offerings.

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we ease the learner’s path

At Ease, we work backwards from outcomes to design the learner’s path to performance.

Ease designers construct each achievement to reduce learner friction.

Engaged learners achieve outcomes faster.

Engaged learners retain what’s learned  to apply to real-world challenges.

Engaged learners become your top performers.

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we ease the learner’s performance

At Ease, we’ve developed the performance analytics that chart your learners’ paths to outcomes.

It’s how we design learning.

With Ease Insights, we offer this competence transparency to learners, instructors, stakeholders.

We visualize real-time competency attainment, not attendance.

The result is predictive performance in a continuously improving learning climate.

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we ease the learner’s success

At Ease, we built our skilled, native language help desk to ensure success for every learner and subject matter expert.

And to inform success for our learning designers.

Our helpdesk adds more than 24x7 human-powered success agents, we measure and report on the gaps and learning successes you depend on.

Get Ease Helpdesk because you want to accelerate and monitor real-time competency.

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about ease

At Ease Learning, we develop performance learning design, insights, and help desk that build in the operating outcomes and learner results required for success. For corporations and universities. Our tech-enabled services ease the outcomes for learners and organizations.


Our principals built our learning design and tech expertise over 20 years each at eLearning Innovations, Six Red Marbles, and Intellify. We've joined forces to ease our customers' and their learners' successful outcomes.

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Laurie Pulido

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Sarah White

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Gina Limperis
Chief Academic Officer

Janet Shivell
Director of Operations

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Emily Karjala Jacobs
Director of Learning Manager

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Cliff Biram
Director of HelpDesk



Our active advisors add decades of expertise in e-learning, technology, start ups, collaboration, design, investment banking and venture from Boston, New York and Silicon Valley.

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Jolyne Caruso
Advisor Maven

Ron Dinwiddie

Ron Dinwiddie
Technology Gun Slinger

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Brian Smiga
Laurie Whisperer

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Chris Vento
Insight Savant





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We got this

Check it out: we’re not just here to build your learning modules, we’re here to set new standards for online learning.

Our whole process is aimed toward one goal: to provide your learners with the most engaging, most effective learning there is.

We never stop thinking about how we can be better, so you can be better teachers, better trainers, and better institutions.

It’s why we’re good at this. It’s why we’re not intimidated by volume. Why we’re not scared of scale. Why we’re not shy around data.

Leave the learning to Ease Learning so you can focus on education.