A Virtual Company with Real Benefits


I work for a company that who runs with 100% remote employees. There is no home office. Our entire team conducts business from the comfort of their home office…or coffee shop or library or anywhere else with internet access. To us, a virtual workforce is not only an advantage for those working for us, but also for our clients. Here are the top three reasons why our virtual company has real benefits for our clients.


1. Best and brightest talent

Who doesn’t want the best and the brightest talent on their projects? The virtual workforce allows us to hire team members regardless of timezone opening up a broader talent base from which to find talent. And with clients in various time zones, this flux in work hours has advantages in allowing our team to establish client communication patterns matched to client time zones. Clients get talented team members dedicated to their projects. We gets talented people sustaining our business and supporting our clients. We all win.

2. Experience that spans geographic location, industry, and clients

Because our team members come from a variety of different professional backgrounds, we are able to bring new and fresh methods to addressing learning challenges. Our team members also come from various geographic locations we are able to offer unique and innovative perspectives that might not have otherwise been accessible to our clients. In addition, our client base is unique and diverse in their needs so our team members have these experiences to draw on when crafting scalable learning solutions for client needs.

These three things combined make us exceptional at what we do. We can offer such variety and breadth of examples, stories, ideas, and technologies that can help boost the creative and innovative approaches used with our clients. When our clients are stuck in rut, we have ideas and examples from our experiences to propel the conversation forward.

3. Doing the virtual/online process will make you better at the virtual/online process

This is one of those advantages that isn’t as well marketed as the first two. But think about it — it’s an amazing advantage to work with a virtual company. Going through a virtual work process to then design and execute a program that uses virtual technologies and approaches to succeed. When all the stakeholders from your company get the experience of working virtually to collaborate on the project, this makes for a stronger understanding and appreciation for the learner’s experience.

Let’s digest that a bit with a few examples.

  • Project stakeholders may use online collaborative writing tools (i.e., Google Drive) to write, edit, and comment on content; your learners may do that too.

  • Project stakeholders may use web conferencing software to meet and discuss progress; your learners may do that too.

  • Project stakeholders utilize and access online course development resources and materials; your learners may do that too.

We are proud of the way we collaborate and work with our clients. We feel we can offer creative solutions and a virtual but real advantage because of our talented team.